About Us

EPIC!! Yes, this is what our proxies are all about. Be it speed, performance or anonymity – Our proxies are epic in every sense.

What we offer is not just a proxy solution but an experience that puts our users head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

At Epic Proxy, we have proxies optimized for every type of business needs.

To ensure a high Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the availability of the proxies, our backend developers have developed an infrastructure that continuously monitors all our proxy servers around the clock.

Our developers have worked hard to provide a user environment that offers advanced proxy features like automatic replacements, API integration, and an extremely user-friendly dashboard that would allow you to easily navigate around the system.

Epic Proxy uses a super high-speed network infrastructure that provides optimal internet connectivity. On top of that, our system has been intelligently programmed to ensure the best subnet diversity, when assigning IPs into your account.

To experience the difference, contact Epic Proxy Now!