The technical advancements in every field of life made many things easier. Internet multiplied the opportunities for its every user. Every normal person has access to almost any kind of information because of the internet. The awareness, an easy life and thousands of opportunities also bring along many problems.

People could not help themselves not being able to resist the temptation of Internet for long. Consequently everything started getting shifted to this platform. The shopping, entertainment, games and what not.

This shift of normal life of people to the internet took time but it did prove to be of great significance. The thing that kept internet in style was its constant growth. It never stopped growing. Tons of contents are being uploaded everyday and is still saturating every topic on the internet. The easy access made it a generalized commodity, it wasn’t restricted to a particular class. 

Evolution of the Internet

This added to it’s value and importance. Today, each and every human uses the internet. Be it the President of the United States of America or a plumber in a small town in Ice-land. When people found huge masses scrolling over the internet, the idea of online shopping was introduced. It was a revolution in the corporate sector. 

The exposure of people’s product multiplied and reached so many people all across the world. International trade escalated at an abnormal speed.

In all this online ecosystem, some diseases started messing around with this beautiful innovation of technology. People had started to infest it with their skills that they were exploiting. As every payment was online, banks were online and much more important and valuable stuff was online, a lot were at risk. People got their content copied, their data stolen and their money being under attack by hackers. Someone had to do something as these things are getting out of hand.

Proxy Servers

In all that chaos, we introduce proxy servers. With proxy servers, many people secured their online businesses, content, data and what not. Proxy servers worked in a way that was flawless and so the hackers were reined in.

The proxy servers worked in a foolproof way. Whenever someone tries to connect to a website, they send a request to that server, that request is recognized and then access is given to the website. When a request is sent it has the data of the user. That’s where the hackers stepped in. They attacked the request and snatched all the important data it had. 

The loophole is there in the request’s route. So what the proxy servers does, it encrypts the route of the request. It used to be only between the host website and the one who requested. Proxy servers introduced a different pathway and this protected users from hackers. 

To understand, another IP address makes the request on the user’s behalf so the origin of the request would not be at risk. The proxy server does not have anything that could be stolen or hacked.  In essence, this is how proxy servers worked. It offers users what a bullet proof jacket does on a soldier’s chest.

Proxy servers are not only limited to providing security as these offer a diverse range of functions that has kept their importance in the industry for so long. There are three types of proxy services that are being offered based on their characteristics:

Free Proxy

The first one on the list is the free proxy. It is generally open for everyone. Every user on the internet can use it free of cost and one can have access to many proxy servers without moving a single buck out of your pocket. However, free proxy servers are normally crowded and that affects speed. The free proxy servers operate on ads so the user experience would not be a very pleasant one. Moreover crowded servers result in many sites being blocked. 

So most of the free proxy sites are of no use to many people. This happens because the sites they are concerned with are blocked and this happens when a lot of requests are made from a particular server. This normally occurs in scraping, so the website detects that too many requests are being made and hence blocks it. 

Now if someone wants to access the same website using that particular proxy server, he/she will not be able to do it. Why? Because it is blocked not only for that one user, but the server’s IP address was blocked and it means every user on that server won’t be able to access the blocked websites. Free proxies might be free but one has to pay a huge cost for that too.

Shared Proxy Servers

The second ones are the shared proxy servers. These servers are not free of cost and will only be available to a few individuals. One has to pay some price to access these servers. They do offer the same thing as other proxy services do, i.e. free proxy does. Like the free proxy servers, the shared proxy has its own benefits and downsides. 

It offers better speed as the server will only be shared by a few. Moreover there are no ads on these servers and therefore it is a user friendly experience. In the case of shared proxy services, the price is split between all the users and it descends the price down to an acceptable level for a normal users. Therefore many people can afford a shared proxy service.  Nevertheless, there is a downside of the shared proxy service. 

When many people use a single server it can get all of the users in trouble as all will share one particular server. If one does something illegal on the internet, the whole group of people will face the music. This is the only downside of the shared servers.

Dedicated Proxy Servers

The most premium type of proxy servers are the dedicated proxy servers. These are the business class of proxy servers. It offers services to a single entity and one server would be serving only one person. No sharing and no sacrificing of high speeds. When only one person uses something it stays in good condition and stays according to our needs. 

Dedicated proxy servers are often made for a single country as well. They are dedicated for unblocking all kinds of content in a particular region. This use of proxy servers became common when the authorities in different countries started blocking or screening the content that reaches the people.

Why Use Australian Proxy Servers?

Australia is a free country having a huge population of talented people. The internet, as in every other place, also is a part of daily life in Australia as well. Transactions, entertainment, shopping and what not. Australia does also needed proxy servers that were mainly dedicated to the Country’s web content. Therefore Australian proxy servers were introduced. 

An Australian proxy unblocks all the content that has been blocked by the authorities in that region. It is of great importance because it provides an honest picture of everything. One won’t be making an opinion about something on the basis of limited content. He/she would have access to all kinds of results on the internet. They can access all videos on YouTube and also visit all kinds of websites.

When it comes to buying Australia proxy one should keep in mind that not all of the proxy providers are reliable. People don’t share glasses these days and that’s because they think they’ll catch some disease from the other person. This is somehow applicable in proxy server providers. Buying an Australia proxy from someone who is not reliable can harm you. That server could have malicious files that may compromise ones information. 

They can also hack your different accounts by gaining access to your computer. Moreover your credit card details can also be tracked down while you make payment for something you bought on the internet. This is why it needs serious attention. Australia web proxy is provided by many suppliers in the country. One should simply follow a sequence of steps to keep themselves safe from any inconveniences. These steps include a lot of research before buying anything that is being offered by the proxy providers. 

Try First Before You Buy

It is easy to lie on the internet because you can’t normally check the service before using it. So go for good research. After that, you should look for the offers that are giving free trial services. There are many of them that offer trial services. So instead of rushing things, take it easy slow and intelligently.

Afterwards, one should know what their pocket would allow for the next year. Proxy plans for the whole year are often cheaper so one should go for long term investments after jotting everything down. There are some proxy providers that provide weekly support as well. If one wants to use a proxy service for a limited time they can surely opt for this type of service providers.

Which Australia Proxy To Use?

When it comes to which proxy should one use, free, shared or dedicated, it is totally up-to the user. The reason is that no one knows your condition better than yourself so self-analysis would be the best thing to do before going to buy any service for a long term.

Dedicated proxies are really good and efficient but they have a huge price that has to be paid by single user. Therefore one should keep in mind that he will be paying this amount for the entire year. It is not a one-time blow. If one is easy at paying large sums, he/she should definitely go for it and not act like a miser because nothing can compete with the best services. Saving some bucks won’t replace the peace of mind you have while using a dedicated proxy server.

If one is short on cash and is looking for a good and economical service, they should go for shared proxy. It is cheaper and is ad free. Moreover it will provide good speeds as well. When buying shared proxies, one should not invest in one server for long. This is because he/she might get blocked from the site that they are concerned with. 

This will waste the payments of the entire year. They should simply go for short term plans i.e. weekly or monthly.

Free Is Never Good!

Free proxy service is the last option for those who have never made their mind to invest in the service and still want to use it. It can be efficient to use if one knows how to actually improvise in different situations. Moreover, one can also easily change servers if he/she is blocked from some site that they want to surf. They won’t have to wait for a week or a month or their subscription plan to end so they can shift on some other server. They are free to go like a lone wolf. 

However, as anyone has access to these proxies, that pose as a security risk for anyone who uses them. Furthermore, the person who created the free proxy can be monitoring your data transmission and intercepts them.


With data security and privacy in mind, always go for the paid option – be it shared or dedicated. These would ensure optimal data privacy and security in the process.