The internet has taken over the lives of people in such a way that it cannot be reversed. So many lives are associated to it. People learn and earn from it and are constantly making their and others lives better. Influencers, motivational speakers and business tycoons are using internet and different social media to convey how and what are they doing. A tremendous amount of people are learning from it. 

Not only are the business tycoons doing this, but all sorts of successful people are flexing it on social media. This is a two way benefit. Their product or success gets branding in this way and those who really want to grow have lessons in it. Moreover, some people have put workshops and lessons that are free of cost. They are the ones who want to bring a positive change in the world.

Social Media

Social media might have a lot of downsides but up to date they have not been able to compete with the positive side of social media. It is a whole different world out there. You want to become a photographer? Well go ahead, you don’t need an office or a huge investment. Take your camera, click some really good photographs and build a portfolio. 

Put it on the internet and you will get an acknowledgement from people if the photos are really worth it. If not, you’ll receive critique. Use it and improve yourself. It is totally up to us to perceive things. If someone didn’t likes our work. 

It just means that we need to improve. It’s not necessarily a negative remark because the other person (Out of nowhere) hates us. People in general are busy now a days. They don’t even have time to hate. Even if they do, it’s social media guys. 

You can simply block them. You won’t have to change your house to get rid of a negative social circle.

The Power Of The Internet

Most people underestimate the power of internet. This is a tool that has put the whole world at a distance of just one click. You have access to information that no one ever had a few decades back. Artists, photographers, writers, teachers, subject specialists, bodybuilders and the list goes on. Everyone is on the internet.

Everyone is reachable. It is up to you if you really want to learn and grow. How to do it? How to use social media to grow? Keep reading and you’ll end up knowing a lot more than any other internet user who never took action and is still in the thought process of becoming a millionaire or a connoisseur in some art. 

Take the first step. Now is the time.

Why Social Media?

Social media is a blessing for all the talented people. It is a school for all those who want to become talented. Talent is constant hard work over the span of years which makes you the best at something and then they say it’s talent. There are multiple Instagrammers who started from scratch and are now having million followers. You need to sort out what are you good at. 

You need to improve it and then shift to getting public opinion. It should not destroy you but rather work as a growth tool.

Instagram – The Leading Social Media Platform

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms and there are a lot of people working successfully in their field using this platform. Other social media platforms are considerable but the ease of use of Instagram makes it stand out. The followers are simply the people who are interested in your content. You are all aware of who is following you and the Instagram hashtags make it easier for you to conduct online marketing of your products or services. You can also upload stories that last for 24 hours. 

These can be used to update customers with some special discounts or offers on your products. Some people have been complaining about Instagram’s custom video length. It was around 15 seconds and now Instagram has extended it to minute long.

Instagram Business Accounts

Instagram business accounts let you add a contact button to your profile. It takes the user to a page where they can find other contact details and find you on other platforms as well. Instagram allows you to instantly like the comments, search hashtags, and add poll option in stories. The hashtag is a really important feature of Instagram because it can help other brands to find out what is trending and make amends in their own products accordingly. This is a kind of quality assurance service that is free of cost. 

You won’t have to conduct surveys or hire a huge customer support team to know what people think about your products. Where do your products stand in international market and also a clear idea of which product is more popular among people. Moreover the trending hashtags are a kind of social media news about what is happening in the social media world.

People now a days are starting their own Instagram business profiles as a side hustle. They normally don’t have time to manage the accounts along with their jobs. So they are using some automated software and tools that help them manage their Instagram accounts. There are multiple options available on the internet. One can choose and select from the available list on the basis of their needs and demands.


Jarvee is an automated tool for handling multiple Instagram accounts. Jarvee is a wonderful outcome of programming. It is a tool that most people use for growing their Instagram accounts. To understand what Jarvee is, you must first understand the key features of Jarvee.

So on top of the list are the post scheduling and auto replying features. This makes your posts appear on social media at optimized times. These optimized times are the ones when the user activity on Instagram is maximum. Hence the post comes across a lot of users and the post interaction multiplies. When the post interacts with a lot of people, the number of people interested in the product or whatever service you are offering, increases. 

Therefore the number of messages in your inbox will also increase. The automated response feature will help you here. You can add automated response that would be sent to those who approach your account. The thing that needs to be noted here is, the customers won’t feel neglected when they get a response. The feeling of being valued turns customers into raving fans.

Message Sending Functionality in Jarvee

Jarvee also sends messages to Instagram users. This is also an automated process. When we look at it with respect to marketing purpose. This is perhaps the best way of Marketing. Approaching someone personally (Instagram inbox) makes them feel special. Hence the attitude of customer would be totally different.

Instagram works on the idea of followers. An account, business or some service provider’s worth is decided on the basis of number of followers they have. There are two main ways to increase the follower count. The first is your content is amazingly exceptional and you are the pioneer of your field who just decided to shift your business to Instagram. People will soon find you and your followers will grow rapidly. 

The other way is making people aware that you exist. This can be done by following them. When they get a follow request they will surely open up your page and have a look at it. If they find it interesting they’ll follow back. This is an effective method. 

Effective but slow and effort consuming. Jarvee will take away all your worries in this regard. It provides such a great service when it comes to Instagram. You won’t have to follow a huge amount of people every day and then unfollow the ones who didn’t follow you back. The software would do everything for you.

Jarvee Extraction Tool

The Jarvee extraction tool is a valuable one. You can extract Instagram users using the extraction link. The extraction tool can be accessed from the TOOLS tab. It has 6 sub-tabs. These tabs are as: Send Messages to new followers, auto replying to new messages, Extracting users, auto extract and use extracted users.

The extraction is a targeted selection of people. You have to select followers of a profile or the people who like a post or someone’s comment. You can also restrict the extracted user’s name to some specific language. For instance you can select all the Arabic people in someone’s followers. This would create a list of specified people which you want. 

These can be decided on the basis of your product or service. The deciding factors are also the location of the service you provide.

Jarvee Proxy

One would need to add proxies to Jarvee because of the extensive uses of proxy servers. Logging in to your account without a proxy server is perfectly fine. Your own IP and location will be used to log in to the account. This can be a problem when you have multiple accounts. A lot of accounts being logged in to from one location can be accepted but the same thing happening from the same IP address is totally an abnormal happening. 

Therefore one needs to use a proxy server in order to use a different IP. The location would be different as well so no problems would occur.

The process of adding proxies is quite simple. There is an option of proxy manager in the Jarvee software. This option can be a bit confusing but I will make it easier for you to understand how to add Proxy in Jarvee.

How To Add Proxy Into Jarvee

There are two ways in which we can add proxy server to Jarvee. You can either import a proxy or manually add it. For manually adding a proxy server, simply click on Add Proxy button. There are some boxes under that button. These boxes are there for adding IP address, usernames and the proxy pass. These details are going to be provided by the Jarvee proxy provider.

There are some things that need to be considered before using any Jarvee proxies. The first and foremost thing is that one should never ever use free proxy servers. These are going to create a lot of problems for a user. One cannot simply risk their profile that took a lot of hard work and effort to build up. Using a free proxy can get you into a lot of problems. 

You can also use one proxy server to handle more than one account. The number of accounts on one proxy server should not be a lot. This can also be problematic.

So it all ends up on a number of things when selecting the best Jarvee proxy. The budget of the user is the first deciding factor. Secondly it comes to the number of accounts that a user wants to associate with that Jarvee proxy server. Moreover, one should do a lot of research before buying any proxy service. 

Free Jarvee Proxies

Avoiding free proxies would prevent getting you into trouble. Moreover, one should research a lot while buying proxy services.

These automation tools are going to do a lot of work for anyone who is willing to grow on social media. But the personal effort, the will to succeed and the drive to work do matter a lot. Consistency is the key element for growth in any kind of online business. You have to keep uploading the content and interacting with the users to ensure maximum growth and the development of bond between you and people. The more you value people, more will they value you and your business. 

Emotion handling can get you to places when it comes to business. You should know how to handle all kinds of customers and how to win their hearts.