Marketing has always been one of the pillars of any businesses, both old and new. Its role in business growth can never be denied. People use different methods of marketing to promote their products and services. A startup has to know their target market for their products or services in order to make people buy them. A seller has to know his potential buyers and create a marketing campaign according to the buyer’s needs. 

Sellers explore different methodologies to market their product and make it easier for the customers to purchase it.

Different platforms and means are being explored by the sellers to introduce their products in the market. Innovation has always been forcing evolution to these platforms and the means of marketing. Marketing is basically a communication between the seller and the buyer. A monologue that is persuasive and intends mutual benefit. Therefore the marketing methods changed with time and they will keep on changing. 

Social Media Changing The Social And Business Landscape 

The internet brought worldwide revolution changing how we live our lives. From adults to children, all were subjected to this new technology and it changed lives. The introduction of social media sites are another milestone in the history of the internet. It broke all communication barriers between the people and provided a platform where everybody could be given the opportunity to shine. People from different races and religions connected with each other and socializing just got better. 

It also made people understand each other more profoundly and the connection just got better. It was also a milestone for the business sector. Businesses started targeting people on a global scale and realized their products market potential all across the globe. In some cases it was found that a certain product has more demand in some countries rather than the one in which it was being sold originally. Internet made lives easier and changed the standards of success for everyone. 

People had more access to the masses than ever before and that was a dream come true for business owners. This is because the marketing campaigns became a lot better and product awareness reached new levels of success. Social media sites and the introduction of ads all over the internet made it easier to convey the message of a brand or launch a new product.

Social Media Marketing

The potential of social media sites in marketing is remarkable and it started showing itself when the concept of ads on social media was introduced. People put ads on different social media platforms so that their products or services reach a wider audience. People from all classes of society use social media and no other marketing platform has ever worked so efficiently than this. This is because of the diversity and ease of access.

As the internet and social media platforms grew more, many sites started getting dominated by groups of people oriented together for some task or purpose. Everybody knew what they would find on a particular social media site. Twitter has been one of the most versatile and diverse social media platforms. It has the least number of fake accounts and people from all walks of life use this platform for different reasons. All in all people consider this as the most legit social media site and that too because of a number of reasons.

The first and the top most reason is presence of all celebrities, millionaires, entrepreneurs and politicians. It won’t be wrong if we say all the big fish are using Twitter. The plus point is that you can identify fake accounts on Twitter because of Twitter’s policy. It gives a blue tick feature to the original accounts who have a fan following or are public figures. It has a series of procedures that a Twitter user has to go through to achieve a blue tick. 

Wide Social Media Audience And Outreach

So it won’t be wrong if we say that Twitter is the social media site where we can find original accounts in bulk and have access to almost anyone online.

This is something that is a businessman’s dream. Marketing has always been a vital part of any business. As people are gaining more awareness, they have started to keep a separate budget for marketing in their business. Therefore it is something that holds immense importance in any business.

Twitter Marketing And Twitter Proxy

Twitter in social media marketing is of great importance. People use ads to target their marketing campaigns and hence boost their sales. Proxy servers have been a great help in this regard. Business owners make use of proxy server in the best way possible. A proxy server changes the IP address of the user by masking it and using another IP address to send the request to any website that is being visited. 

This can make a great combination when a number of proxies are integrated together for a single brand marketing. More accounts can be used to generate a marketing campaign that’s very effective. When a single account starts a campaign, it can take a lot of time to get effective and generate some sales. When a number of accounts/IP addresses are being used to sign in to various Twitter accounts, one can use them for boosting marketing campaigns even more. 

What Is A Twitter Proxy?

Proxies disguise the presence of a user on the internet. Twitter won’t be able to find out that the same person is using a huge number of accounts and hence you won’t get blocked. There are a number of benefits of using proxy servers. One has been discussed in detail a few lines back.

Another benefit of using proxy servers is you won’t be limited to a specific region. You can target audience from all across the globe and your ads would reach all over the world. This is because you can use IP addresses from different locations and hence different audiences could be targeted.

Using Twitter Proxy On Automation Tools


Archie is one of the top most Twitter automation tools and it allows you to select the target market. It then makes it easy to find and engage the followers. Archie is well known for growing audience slow and steady. It won’t blast it so nobody would suspect and hence everything would look natural.  You don’t want people to think that it’s artificial or some bot generated campaign hence it is what anybody would want as a social media automation tool. 

It also comes with a free trial so people can use it for free and check if it suits their needs. No investment is required to just check how this thing works and whether or not it’s suitable for you.

Narrow is another automation tool that can be used for Twitter automation. It works a little bit differently from the previous one. Here you add hashtags and keywords to target the audience. It also has an analytics tool that lets you keep an eye on how things are going. Narrow has a different interface and working. 

It has account types that let you handle different number of accounts. You can choose according to your need. Moreover, it offers a free seven day trial so you don’t need to worry about losing money.

Switch Social

Swift Social is also a Twitter automation tool. It makes things convenient for you and you can handle accounts without any worries. It has an advanced system which tracks down the users that are going to follow you back. Therefore you can get active followers as well. It can also help you get in contact with people who are influential on this social media and can get quite a nice exposure to your product. 

Your followers also carve the image of your brand. Therefore if someone follows your brand or page, it will develop a nice brand image and your brand will seem legitimate.

Twitter automation bots can help you achieve great results without putting in much effort. You don’t have to keep scrolling for miles and keeping a check on everything. That’s a really hectic task. Therefore you need to use a Twitter automation tool.

Benefits Of Twitter Proxy And Twitter Automation Tools

The benefits of Twitter proxy and Twitter automation tools are all in the fact that they are all mechanized and would only do whatever is asked. They work beyond perfection and the business owner can handle all the other tasks with peace of mind. Peace of mind is something that is valuable and if it brings along great results, that is beyond perfection.

The variety in Twitter automation bots has also made the market of these bots quite common among the people. There are a variety of techniques that you can opt and customize your marketing campaign. Therefore it is a whole new domain where you can start working and grow with maximum potential.

The reasons why Twitter is the best marketplace for business owners have been discussed earlier. The bots and proxy servers really make things easier and effective for the user. One has to use a private proxy server in order to get the best results. It might be costly but it’s worth it.

Bots target based on data and it is really precise. Imagine a human doing all this work. First of all, it would take him a lot of time to complete all this work and errors can be expected. This is not a game and the chance of mistake is very much. People might target the wrong locality or they might make a huge mistake while targeting a set of elite people. 

Therefore, the bots are being used here and they have been producing great results.

Investing Into Twitter Proxy And Twitter Automation Tools

Investing money in such things can be a game changer for any business owner. Marketing is a really important aspect of any business and hence should be given appropriate attention. All the automation bots and proxy servers have to be chosen carefully. One should know what he/she wants and therefore he can easily narrow down the list of service providers out there. The proxy servers should also be chosen carefully because even if the automation tool is good, a bad proxy server can make things worse for a brand. 

Many proxy servers are banned from Twitter and one might waste his/her money by buying a proxy server and finding out that it is banned so it cannot be used. In this case, try to find out the free trials and take them. Use them for your own satisfaction. If you can’t find free trials in proxy servers, don’t subscribe for long term plans, i.e. monthly or yearly. Simply choose the shortest plan and use it as a trial version of your proxy server. Test it with Twitter and use it in every possible way. 

Integrate it with your automation tool and make use of it for the trial period. 

Use the analytics tool and see if things are working out for you. Not achieving success depends upon many factors here. Therefore a single thing cannot be blamed. If you do not succeed no matter how hard you try, just sit down, empty your mind and analyze where you went wrong. Expert advice can also be of great help in such cases. 

Twitter Proxy Takeaways

Therefore contact a friend who can help you or talk to some chat support agent and explain your specific problem. Improvisation has to be an entrepreneur’s greatest tool. One should know how to tackle things without getting confused or panicked. Our attitude towards things decides how successful we are going to be. Aptitude is no more in style these days.