A Detailed comparison between Dedicated Vietnam proxy vs Shared proxy vs Free proxy: In a world where nothing can stay hidden once it is on the internet, people start to lose their trust on the internet because they would think that their privacy is being compromised online. And that’s where the need of proxies arises. While some people are rich enough to purchase a proxy that only they can use while some are not that rich, so they have the ones that are teamed up with other users too. And after this, there comes a group of people who do not put their money on these things, still for them there are proxies too and they are completely free of cost.

Three Types Of Proxies

Dedicated Proxy

This is the type of proxy that is dedicated for a single user. One purchases the proxy and only that person/user gets complete control of it. It is most effective due to its speed and of course, anonymity. Dedicated proxies are also the best proxies available. So, one must say that these types of proxies are the best ones among its competitors. 

Shared Proxy

Shared proxy servers are IP addresses used by several users at the same time and are considered inferior compared to dedicated proxies. However, shared proxies may be suitable for most online tasks. Shared proxies tend to be the cheaper type of proxies and are generally more affordable than dedicated proxies. Since proxy suppliers are offering similar IPs to a number clients, it’s much less expensive. 

Suppliers can part the expenses and offer a lower cost. Since you share similar IP addresses with a lot of other individuals, there’s a hazard that one will use these proxies for something unlawful, and the whole IP address will get prohibited constraining your entrance to that site also.

Free proxy

The free proxies are the ones being used by people for regular browsing, streaming activities but are not being used for information sensitive tasks. The free proxies are used mostly for downloading and opening the sites which are blocked in a particular location. People use these proxies to hide their identity for doing such activities. Due to its free nature, that’s the main reason people don’t use it as their identity can be compromised.

The Benefit Of Using Vietnam Proxy

When it comes to selecting the best proxies on the list, one must buy Vietnam proxy based on how it could be useful to them. Users buy Vietnam proxies as it shows content specific to Vietnam. It is very good for those who do SEO so these people should get Vietnam proxy. But even in this matter, the proxy must be purchased from a trusted provider to avoid compromise towards privacy.

Benefits Of Using Shared Proxies

The use of shared proxies comes with a number of benefits. The first and main reason to buy these representatives are cheap rates. These proxies are not only cheaper, but also easily available. There is also the possibility of finding free shared proxies. These public proxies are also useful for extracting SEO related data. 

In addition, there is the advantage of being able to use different servers through these proxy servers. Your internet use becomes more advanced and secure.

Disadvantages Of Shared Proxy

Along with the benefits, there are also certain disadvantages of shared proxy servers. The biggest problem is internet connectivity. Having too many users in a proxy can slow down connectivity. You may be stuck for long periods while using shared proxies. In addition, some people also raise concerns about network privacy.

As several users have access to shared proxy servers, it is clear that the network is not completely private. In addition, there is the possibility of facing privacy problems and connection maintenance. Proxies can trick you into using insecure websites if those proxies are unreliable. In addition, the proxies available for free are not exactly reliable. Many times, these free proxies are a cause of problems. 

You can lose your data and IP address to the attackers. Therefore, you should be aware of the inconveniences before choosing cheap or free shared proxy servers.

Usage of Dedicated Proxy

You can use dedicated proxies for any type of online service to expand your operations. This can be used for SEO and also for web scraping. Not only for SEO tools, SEO service providers also need proxies to track SERP changes and find backlinks, such as Moz, Ahrefs. Now many programmers use proxies to scrape social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and so on. It is not possible if you do not use Dedicated proxies to bypass the IP address restriction.

Dedicated proxies are also being used for internet marketing. These are being used as representatives of social networks to connect to online platforms. This allows the seller to increase their reach and work from a single location as well. In social media marketing, HTTPS proxy servers are used to connect your accounts to social media platforms. Since social media platforms are highly restrictive, therefore, you need these proxy servers to connect your accounts. 

Basically, these social media proxies are used to run and automate multiple accounts. Therefore, these proxy servers can help you connect your accounts and manage them from one place.