In the fashion world, big fashion industries like Gucci, Ferragamo, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and various other similar fashion brands release new products worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. Which is true because many of the women shoes and bags of these brands are more than a thousand dollars. Small brand owners such as Zara and H&M watch out for these newly released product by these luxury fashion brands, and makes a similar product, but at a more affordable price range. The same case can be happens in scraping. Scraping can be defined as copying data from a website that can be used for your new website. 

In internet terminology, scraping is an action done to gather information for a specific purpose. Let’s say the purpose will be for a product review. You basically go to Amazon’s website and without the site’s permission, copy their data and use it for your own website. You copy and use the different reviews, pricing information and more by removing plagiarism. A website cannot do anything if it cannot find any traces of plagiarism on your website. 

Some websites allow doubling data onto your website for personal benefit, but not that much that you copy Amazon’s logo. It would be just like the meme “you can copy my work, but don’t make it obvious”.

Advantages of Scraping

There are numerous advantages of practicing scraping. One example, as explained earlier is the use of scraping in doing product reviews. Traditionally, you have to request individuals to review certain products available in either Alibaba or Amazon. Reviews are in a way, a proof of product authenticity. Instead of doing it manually, asking people to review products, one can scrape data from these websites and use it for their own websites.

Many have adopted web scraping in order to manage information on their websites. These people have attested to many advantages, including review of vital pieces of information on news articles. Sometimes, we don’t have enough time to read the entire article talking about numerous things happening all around the world. By using web scraping, you can extract only the important pieces of news that are interesting or of value to you. You can use scraping in order to these important data. 

This enables users to save their time and still get the information they need.

One of the issues new SEO developers face is that they are often judged and called upon for using illegal software to generate views and making false content. But that is not true neither it is ethical. SEO professionals, in fact majority of the SEO professionals use scraping software, and how else would they continue in making their website better for users to visit? Of course they would scrape data. There is so much data available over the internet, and if you scrap some, it’s not a big deal. 

We are to improvise according to the situations that may befall us.


New innovations are introduced everyday. Scientists are a step closer to achieving cure to a deadly diseases like cancer. Today’s technology helps us work on even the most difficult tasks and with ease. There are a lot of software that we can use to scrape information from various websites. Professional scrapers use top notch scraping software and applications that enables easy scraping. 

One preferred by many professional scrapers is a software called Gscraper. Gscraper is relatively a newcomer. Even so, Gscraper is an amazing software that utilizes more than 50,000 URLs and scrapes data related to your data requirements.

Gscraper is exceptionally fast. With the capability to utilize, observe more than 50,000 URLs and search for the data you need, and returning back an enormous amount of data for you to select from. In case you were wondering – why use softwares for scraping? Imagine you want to make a website, and there are more than a million webpages for you to scrape your data from. The software does the work for you efficiently and fast. 

Automated Scraping Using Gscraper

Compare that to doing the job manually, what would you choose? Majority would choose the form, while some people want to be self-made, self-ethical SEO professionals.

Another feature that Gscraper boast of is its ability to scrape data from the top ranked web pages. For example, you have a website of football match reviews and player reviews. This enables you to scrape good quality data from top sites.

This software also enables you to access data from various websites by using keyword entry. By entering a specific keyword, data related to that specific keyword would be displayed to you. One of the best features is the diverse provision of data by this software that enables you to select whatever sort of data you want for your website. So, with the help of Gscraper, you can select data based upon keyword entry.

Why Proxy Is Important While Using Gscraper?

It’s a fine Sunday morning. You logged into your website after scraping, and you see a message saying that your website has been banned along with your IP address. That fine Sunday morning turns into a working Sunday. Why did this happen? Well, some websites don’t allow you to copy anything from their website, and hence have protocols that disable and ban IP addresses that try to copy data from their website. 

If only you had used a proxy server, this problem wouldn’t have occurred. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations from happening. you ought to use a proxy server.

The use of proxy servers is very important in order to scrape freely without any risk of getting banned. Proxy enables you to mask your IP address with a hoodwinked IP address, from another country or another user so that the website protocol may not be able to identify your IP address. Hence, restricting the website from recognizing your IP and allowing you to scrape indefinitely. This comes in handy when you have a lot of data to scrape. The Gscraper proxies enable you to do so with maximum security. 

Consider it as the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. However, instead of sneaking in on your professors, you’re copying data from your focus websites.

Free Gscraper Proxies

One of the best features Gscraper provides is that it a proxy included, that allows a very strong security protocol to hide user’s IP addresses. This enables users to scrape and surf with foolproof security. The proxy included in the Gscraper is extremely efficient in providing a proxy IP for your scraping. Moreover, by using a proxy, you get a more private browsing of website data along with faster search results. With the help of a built in Gscraper proxy, the search results that comes back to the user take less time to process and return regardless of the amount. 

The return path for data flow becomes much faster and safer by using a proxy. This without interference from a third party server trying to interrupt the return signal to the user. Proxies provide security and protection from websites that may contain malwares that may potentially harm your system or feed on your sensitive information. Proxies also filter unhealthy websites for your computer and blocks them. So, if you were to come across harmful websites while scraping, the proxy server would automatically block that website, providing safe and secure browsing and scraping experience for its users.

Unblock Geo-Located Content Using Specific Gscraper Proxies

Another advantage of using proxies on Gscraper is the ability to access the geologically banned websites restricted by your ISP or country. There are a lot of websites that are banned in Asian countries that are banned. This is useful for countries that have limited access to some websites due to different reasons. Proxy servers send your request through a masked IP address and sends a request to the same server through a different path.  This grants you access to the contents blocked initially. 

So whether you’re in Africa or Asia, you can access any website and scrape data from it. 

Gscraper Alternative – Scrapebox

Another software similar to Gscraper is Scrapebox. Scrapebox is basically an older version of Gscraper. In the brawl of Gscraper vs Scrapebox, Gscraper appears to emerge on top with the passage of time. With its effective performance and newer features it includes. However, some users still prefer of Scrapebox, as it is a conventional software, and has a very trusted customer base. Therefore many people opt for Scrapebox, even if the know know for a fact that Gscraper provides more features and is much more time effective than Scrapebox. 

Some would also prefer to use Scrapebox as they trust the software as it has been available for quite a while now. Whereas Gscraper is an emerging software that is still setting up a fan base based on its own. It really depends upon one’s preference.  Whether you would like to go with Scrapebox, or pursue with the new features being offered by Gscraper. In another perspective, these two are almost similar. 

Similar, yet different. On the contrary, no matter how many resemblances two software have, even if they are from the same developer, there must be a difference, a slight variation in features or technology or working.


The internet is filled with so much information that we need. There are millions of sites that possess information that can be utilized for your own website. That could help you develop an effective user friendly website with information they want to access. If you want to scrape data, feel free to do so, but make sure your proxy is on, so that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Using a proxy only has benefits, especially when the software is  strongly built in the proxy system. 

Henceforth, in order to make your website a much more delightful place for your visitors and allow an immense flow of information through your website, scrape away from millions of websites available on the internet. If someone else is not making use of this website data, you might as well use it. Why let knowledge and data go to waste? It’s a noble deed in a way to scrape, and provide viewers with knowledge collected from various websites. It gives a different perspective about every niche keyword.