In the world of computing, a proxy server can be defined as a server that acts as an intermediary. Clients often seek resources from servers that make these resources available for use. In other words, a proxy is an intermediary between the clients and these servers. A proxy server, therefore, operates completely on behalf of the client. The role of this intermediary server is to separate end-users from the websites or resources they seek by masking their identity. 

Proxy servers are commonly used to simplify the request and to prevent the complexity of requests.

Different Types of Proxies

Free proxy:

Free proxy is a proxy service that provides free access to the websites which are not allowed or blocked in particular areas. Free proxy services provide free access to these websites. With the current trends in modern technology, it is essential for users to have access to the sites of their choice.  Therefore, free proxies offer users free access to multiple websites without paying for it. However, although it is free and easy to use, its reliability is quite less as compared to the paid proxies. 

The server providing access to a specific website to an IP address will contain all the information of that IP address. In this way, the privacy of customers is at risk. Social media accounts should not be run through free proxies because the chances of stealing personal information are greater.

Semi Dedicated proxy or Shared Proxies

What is a Semi Dedicated Proxy? A Semi dedicated proxy also called a shared proxy is an IP address that is shared and used by multiple users at the same time. It involves a group of users who use the same IP address while accessing different websites. Shared proxies are mostly used by different organizations, companies, and private users also use it to block the restricted contents. They are also helpful because they provide cost-effective access to websites. 

They are considered to be more reliable than free proxies. Moreover, they are very useful for the group working on the same project because the group will get the same information as the source. Browsing speed is very fast and the connection is very secure because the customers are paying for this security. And the payment for the proxy is divided among all users in between the proxy is shared. In this way, the shared proxy is very cost-effective.

Dedicated proxy or Private Proxies:

Private proxy is a dedicated proxy which is exclusively used by a single client or user. It is typically accessible to only one user and other users are restricted to access it. In addition, it is dedicated to one client particularly with the objective of hiding the public IP address of the client. However, private proxy is considered as the most reliable proxy regarding speed, security of personal information, and IP address.

Benefits of Using a Semi-dedicated Proxy Service

Semi-dedicated proxies are often used by organizations and companies for filtering content, as well as by private persons for unblocking restricted content and browsing the internet anonymously. This proxy has capabilities to support HTTP and SOCKS service, which are standards used to interpret traffic flowing into the server. Cheap shared proxies also allow bypassing regional or international restrictions placed on certain websites. More access for little money.

Sometimes, a large business needs more than one proxy account, one account for each product. In this way, buying a semi-dedicated proxy is the best available option to get rid of multiple accounts. Shared proxy is the best semi-dedicated proxy server that accesses multiple users. Another reason for using a shared proxy is the sensitivity of information of the organization, which cannot afford a single scam to happen. So it is quite essential to use paid shared proxy for the security of information either being used by a company or an individual. 

Semi-dedicated proxies are a cost-effective alternative to expensive dedicated servers. At the same time, they are more secure and faster than free proxies.  

Pros and Cons of Free, Shared, and Dedicated Proxies

An important question that has been asked most is this – should I choose semi-dedicated or dedicated proxies? They both have merits, yes, they do. In order to fully understand shared proxies, we need to investigate another avenue of proxy life. The virtues of dedicated servers are much like those of semi-dedicated. Built to protect and able to break down geographical barriers, a dedicated server is a powerful technology. 

Since a dedicated server is only for one customer and the cost is significantly higher than other proxies. If one only needs to access a proxy server from 1 location and wants to use that 1 proxy from long periods of time, a dedicated proxy might be the answer. But if a group of friends or an organization needs to access a proxy from many different locations then they should buy semi-dedicated proxies.

Why would one use Semi-dedicated Proxy Service?

In comparison between shared proxy and free proxy, of course, the shared one is much better. If one wants to use a proxy, he can conceal his identity. Unfortunately, free HTTP proxies aren’t very private. The provider can log into the customer’s internet usage. Some free proxy providers use the proxy as a front to install malware. 

Once the malware is installed on a computer, the provider can steal a customer’s personal information. He or she can take banking information and any other sensitive information. The person can even steal the identity of the user. Moreover, free proxies are not consistent in use. Most of the time, these proxies go down for not having access to the internet. 

In this case, users have to find another proxy which will consume time. By using a shared proxy one can avoid all the above-mentioned problems. These proxies are not so expensive and cost a few dollars less than dedicated proxies.  A tiny amount is nothing when compared to all the functions which a paid shared proxy offers. Moreover, Semi dedicated proxies offer a variety of subnets and support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols. 

They offer to choose the specific countries which are needed.