ScrapeBox is arguably the most complete SEO campaign tool at the moment. This tool has an array of amazing features that make it such an important arsenal for anyone who wants to embark on a serious SEO campaign. The features in this versatile online marketing tool make it just too good not to have it. For instance, ScrapeBox has features that enable it to automatically crawl through the web and find thousands of websites of competitors. Even better, ScrapeBox has the ability to create thousands of backlinks organically within a single hour.

Functionalities Offered by ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox has the following key features/ functionalities;

Proxy Scraper

This feature enables ScrapeBox to harvest the most preferred proxies easily and add to your ScrapeBox proxies list. It also gives you the opportunity to test your harvested proxies to ascertain that they can smoothly work on your preferred websites and social sites.

Search Engine Scraper

This amazingly great functionality of ScrapeBox make it to be perhaps the most authoritative SEO tool in the world at the moment. Since ScrapeBox works in a supersonic speed, one can use this feature to harvest millions of URLs in a single minute.

Keywords Harvester

With is feature, one can easily scrape thousands if not millions of relevant keywords from the sea of keywords available in the internet in a certain niche.

Multiple Backlinks Builder

This feature comes in handy where one wishes to boost his/her brand awareness online.

Superfast Blog Submitter

This feature makes it easier to post your blog posts and articles on various sites in just a single click. This way, your content is able to reach a wide audience and gain more readership hence improving brand awareness and popularity.

Proxy Scraper

This feature is helpful especially where one wants to search for the available free proxies on the internet. With this ScrapeBox proxy harvester functionality, you can do a lot with ease. For instance, you can comfortably scrape URLs from various search engines or even generate multiple backlinks effortless. Basically, with this feature any SEO professional can accomplish multiple tasks within a very short time.

Why You Need High quality ScrapeBox Proxies

Although ScrapeBox comes with inbuilt free proxies, it’s advisable to only install quality and untouched proxies in your ScrapeBox. Additionally, ensure that the proxies are correctly configured so as to harvest as much data as you can. Therefore avoid free proxies for ScrapeBox that are shared by others since they will compromise the security of your IP. The best proxies for ScrapeBox are the reverse, residential or backconnect proxies. These proxies allows you to scrape data safely without being detected and your IP getting blocked. 

You don’t want to risk being blocked and banned by the service providers simply because you are using poor quality proxies. In fact poor quality proxies don’t work well on ScrapeBox because they are shared by other users who might be targeting the same website as you. This way your IP address will not be safe, secure or undetectable. Also, poor proxies have this drawback that the proxies’ provider usually retain the server logs hence they are not completely anonymous. Basically using poor proxies with ScrapeBox limits your data harvesting potential.